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foot dermatology DOCTOR DANIEL CHASKIN PODIATRIST 63-48 FOREST AVENUE RIDGEWOOD N.Y. 11385 (718) 417-4895 I bought 2 other brands of dermatoscopes and found the Dermlite 4 was the best so far. It has the highest degree of polarization I know of, with plastic ice caps to prevent spread of infection, and has a pigment boost. It also has the ability to toggle between polarized and nonpolarized modes, the largest viewing field I know of, attaches to my Samsung phone and certain iPhones. I was finally successful in having a podiatric pathology report sent back to me with a copy of the dermatoscopic image taken from my Dermlite 4. This sets a new standard in podiatric pathology reporting which I believe is the future gold standard. Now that I have it, I don’t know what I would do without my Dermlite 4 dermatoscope. Once one decides on a dermatoscope, this can be a lifetime investment. Only after deciding what features one wants in terms of degree of polarization, etc